Half Day Tours

Are you arriving the day before your tour starts? Or, maybe staying a few days after? Was there something you really wanted to do in Africa that wasn’t included in your tour package? This is your chance! Experience East Africa can take you off the beaten path to Maasai villages, shopping in the local markets, or take you downtown to hidden tanzanite treasures. You tell us what you had in mind and we can make it happen.

Below are some suggested itineraries. These usually take about four hours and can be coordinated with your existing tour package or transfer schedule.


Arusha — The Tanzanite Experience

An Experience East Africa Adventures guide
will arrange to meet you at your hotel after
breakfast. Together you’ll set off for the center
of Africa — the Clock Tower in Arusha. Then,
you’ll walk over to Tanzanite Experience to learn more about the history,mining, and polishing process from the experts. They will explain the Tanzanite Quality Scale and give you the opportunity to purchase this precious gemstone directly from the source. In addition to purchasing a stone 1,000 times more rare than a diamond, you can feel good knowing 10 percent of your purchase will go to the Tanzanite Foundation to benefit local communities. After learning more about tanzanite, your guide will take you to lunch at a local restaurant before returning you to your hotel or shuttle meeting place.

Arusha — The Kitenge Experience

Your Experience East Africa Adventures
guide will take you to the local market to
select the fabric for your kitenge, traditional
African dress. Then your guide will take
you to the local fundi (tailor) where you will
make your dress pattern selection and have
your measurements taken. Take a few
minutes to watch the women sew out front or the men play checkers with bottle caps, then proceed on to enjoy a local meal. After, your guide will take you back to your hotel and make arrangements to meet you the next day to try on and pick up your custom traditional African dress.

Arusha — The Market/Shopping Experience

This experience is perfect for the
person looking to visit the local
market and perhaps purchase gifts
for home. Your Experience East
Africa Adventures guide will escort
you through the many shops and help
you negotiate with local merchants.
After, the guide will take you to a co-op store full of ebony sculptures and batik masterpieces at reasonable prices where you are free to shop without high pressure sales tactics. Enjoy a local meal and then your guide will return you to your destination.

Your Custom Experience

Listed above are only a few of the many experiences available in the Arusha area. Other options include visiting an orphanage, riding a camel, wading in the waterfall, drinking coffee at the plantation, or stopping by the snake park. Let us know what you have in mind and how much time you have so we can help you maximize your time and experience in East Africa.


Nairobi — Elephant Orphanage/Giraffe Centre Experience

Most flights and many tours arrive or
depart from Nairobi. Plan to spend an
extra couple of hours to feed the giraffe
at the African Fund for Endangered
Wildlife’s Giraffe Centre and visit the
orphan elephants at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This experience includes lunch and a driver guide who will pick you up and wait for you at each location before taking you back to your hotel or airport.

Nairobi — The Practical Experience

If you are flying internationally, your flight
likely arrives in Nairobi. You need to  your
money, buy water and snacks from the
grocery store, and maybe do a little
shopping before going to your hotel
or during a long layover at the airport.
Experience East Africa Adventures
can send a driver guide to meet you and take you on your errands so you are well prepared to start your next safari!

Multiple Day Tours - 3, 5, 8 Day and Custom Tours

Experience East Africa Adventures can take you on safari to fish on Lake Victoria, see Olduvai Gorge, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit the Maasai Mara, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro,  the mountain Gorillas of Uganda, or the Selous Game Reserve... just to name as few!

We provide all the necessities whether you choose to tent camp, or stay in luxurious lodges and can accommodate limited special needs. All you will need are your personal items, cameras and lots of storage cards!
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