In July 2010, Maggie Bullard-Marshall traveled with her son and her grandmother to East Africa. There they met an incredible guy named Furahini Ngoda. Furahini took care of everything everywhere to make sure Maggie and her family had a safe, enjoyable experience. This gave Maggie an idea — everyone traveling to East Africa needs a Furahini!

Before arriving in Africa, Maggie had many apprehensions. She would have appreciated knowing there was someone in Africa who could answer all her questions and ease her mind. That person does exist and he already has an extensive network of people available to assist. The challenge is that tourists are unfamiliar with this resource until after they arrive, or maybe not at all, and they may miss out on some incredible experiences.

So, Maggie had an idea — let’s formalize the informal! She decided to help Furahini start a business doing what he has done for years — help tourists. The goal is to encourage more people to feel safe and comfortable visiting East Africa, while creating jobs and assisting local communities.

Maggie’s Tip — I read a lot of information about walking with a purpose, not carrying any valuables, and knowing where I was going to help protect myself. That said, it’s Africa — rarely do I know where I am and if I leave the hotel, I probably want to carry at least some money and a camera. At the end of the day, I am a mzungu (white person which includes Hispanic, Asian and anyone lighter than a chocolate bar) and I stand out regardless of what I wear or how fast I walk. I strongly encourage everyone to consider having a guide accompany them anywhere. Whether you use Experience East Africa’s services or not, it doesn’t cost that much money and it is worth it, male or female, single or couple. It’s difficult to enjoy something if you are concerned about your safety. Plus, your guide can translate for you and tell you about the local culture and animals. Contact Experience East Africa for a reasonable quote on a personal driver or guide for you or your group.

    “In regard to Furahini Ngoda, our guide on a recent safari trip to Kenya and Tanzania Africa: From day one of our trip, Furahini’s smiling face, his impeccable English, his caring nature, his knowledge about Africa and the animals that live there made us all very comfortable and relaxed. Our time with Furahini was a precious learning experience for me. His determination that each of us have a memorable time and be able to see all of the animals and be safe, while doing so, was outstanding. He went beyond his duties as a guide for our tour and helped us enjoy Arusha even after the tour was over. Ours was a memorable experience.” — Helen M., Illinois USA

“Furahini is a fun, funny, loving man!” — Alex B.M., Michigan USA

“Doti is the best driver ever! When we said stop, he stopped and when we said twinde, he went.” — Alex B.M., Michigan USA

    Mary Ann Kertesz says:   
June 10, 2015 at 9:01 pm  

Met Furahini on safari in Sept. 2014 and used Experience East Africa in March 2015. He organized a trekking trip to Uganda for gorillas and then safari at Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Furahini is a fun loving man with good command of the English language, great knowledge about East Africa, animals and birds. He goes the extra mile to ensure his clients have a safe, comfortable and memorable vacation. Have no hesitation in highly recommending this Company and Furahini.

    Mary Ann Kertesz says:   
April 1, 2016 at 1:00 am  

Asante sana, Experience East Africa and Furahini, another great adventure. Apparently I am considered a (I am sure a very young) senior or an elder and I am also a woman and widow. No matter your age or gender, sometimes it is not the best idea to explore on your own in a country, whether alone or as a couple. Furahini has taken me on three adventures in an 18 month period and it just makes life so much easier when there is a reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable Company and person to deal with all the details. For the past couple of decades I have arranged to be picked up at the airport by a Company rather than getting into a cab. There is something reassuring about someone greeting you with a sign with your name on it, when you have arrived late in a foreign country and not sure what to do. Electricity can be spotty and generators do not run 24/7 and though every hotel and lodge seems to have wifi, it tends to be slow and hard to receive or send emails. Furahini has his own Internet connection and it works as fast as my high speed at home, so great if you need or want to be connected. So I have done you homework for you. This Company can accommodate any of your travel needs, big or small. I have no hesitation in recommending Experience East Africa and Furahini.

    Rich Davis says:   
November 22, 2016 at 4:23 am  

My wife and I decided to visit the Serengeti and Furahini was our guide for seven days on the most awesome adventure I’ve known. Furahini made sure that all accommodations were provided for in our multi-national group that ranged in age from eight to eighty on a genuine Safari. His friendly professionalism, knowledge and skills as a guide make you feel confident and trust in his care. We are coming back!

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